Understanding Equity Incentives with Blackgarden Law

From Founders to Exit – What Every Company Should Know About Equity Incentives Understanding the difference between vesting and reverse-vesting. Understanding when 409A is important. Understanding  when an Equity Incentive Plan is appropriate. Understanding Your Options. Lunch will be served, so please RSVP as soon as possible! Register Here: https://bit.ly/2nHwRQh

Project Management For Small Business Owners


Project Management for Small Business Owners Why project management is important to small business owners History and Overview of project management Leadership and Project Management Business aspects of project management Technical aspects of project management Effective Project Management -This workshop is designed to cover some core or key elements and framework of project management to help you with your business …

Bookkeeping & Accounting: The Enlightenment


Bookkeeping and accounting is the opaque province of bookkeepers and accountants. It is debit and credit concepts that defy gravity. It is incomprehensible jargon. And, its practitioners are witch doctors appointed to administer relief to the financially disabled in return for money. But don’t despair, if you can read a nutrition label on a can of beans this presentation is …

National Girlfriends Networking Day


Be part of National Girlfriends Networking Day (#NGNDay) in a nationwide celebration of the power of building connections. Join thousands of women by attending this interactive, networking event held around the country on Tuesday, June 4th from 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM. Watch our panel of renown, diverse women leaders from 12 – 1 PM EDT, join nationwide participants in …

Loans for Small Businesses -A Panel Discussion


Looking for funding to grow your business? Wonder if you qualify for lending? Want to speak to an expert about loan options available to small businesses? If so, this interactive workshop is for you. Join us on April 18th in Rio Rancho Or in Albuquerque on May 28th   FatPipe ABQ is a collaborative workspace where entrepreneurs start businesses. Bring …