Startup America – Corporate Connections Initiative

I wanted to share a potential opportunity being championed by the Startup America Partnership (SUA). They have a new program called Corporate Connections. Corporate Connections is an initiative SUA is spearheading in partnership with NYSE Euronext to help facilitate introductions between startups and corporations. Think of it as for corporations and startups to connect, where SUA acts as a researcher for corporations to find startups that fit the mold for what they’re looking for (whether for new technology discovery, as strategic partners, acquisition targets, or joint ventures). The service is entirely free for both corporations and startups, and SUA want to utilize Corporate Connections as a tool to help startups build meaningful relationships with leading corporations.

Learn more here:

SUA has nearly 30 leading corporations onboard and eager to connect with innovative startups in all regions, including Coca Cola, Verizon Wireless, Intuit, Rackspace, American Airlines, NetApp, Akamai Technologies, Equinix, Garmin, Shutterstock, and Nuance Communications.

Please note, this program is still in beta. But if you think your startup is a good fit for the Corporate Connections initiative, feel free to register via this link:  Register for Corporate Connections.