Short Story-A-Thon

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The idea? Do all the hard work of creating a short story, including editing, and submit it to Kindle. So we can try to make some money off of our great creativity!
Friday night
Idea creation. Don’t know what to write about? Want to come up with more ideas for your next story? We’ll meet at FatPipe ABQ and use downtown Albuquerque as our idea incubator. We’ll people watch, I’ll share stories, and we’ll explore.
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Bring: walking shoes, notebook and pen
Homework before Saturday: Come up with the premise for your short story and create a general outline.
Writing a good story takes a lot of work and no one is going to want to read something that is sloppy or poorly written. This is where it will all happen.
8:00 am – Start writing our short story. I’ll have some sprints to get us writing fast. (I’ll have coffee and snacks available for free all day)
9:00 am – we take a break because we need to think about book covers. I’ll talk about how to design your own book cover. Or, if you want to hire someone, I’ll share my list of graphic designers willing to design a cover within 24 hours. We’ll also talk about copyright.
10:00 am – Back to writing! During this time, as people finish their stories, we’ll start reviewing each other’s stories, giving feedback, then back to editing.
Noon – Lunch break. The Cheesy Street food truck will be right outside so everyone can grab a quick lunch (lunch is on you) and get back to work.
2:00 pm – Think your short story is ready for the next step? Hand it over to one of the two editors I’ve hired for the day. They’ll scour your piece for grammar issues and fix those commas that are in the wrong place!
9:00 pm – It may not take all this time to finish, but we’ll have FatPipe ABQ until 9pm.
Bring: Laptop and your idea notebook! Feel free to handwrite your story, but if you want to get it reviewed, edited by our editors, submitted to the Plot Duckies contest, and published to Amazon; you’ll need a laptop.
Homework: Follow up on your cover.
It’s time to publish!
First, sleep in a little. You’ve earned it!
1:00 PM – I’ll announce the top story winners who will get the Plot Duckies stamp of approval on their stories.
Then, we’ll follow along as I publish my short story – and everyone submits theirs as well. I’ll also share a list of contests to submit your story to.
Then, we’ll eat cake and everyone who publishes will get their own duckie pen!
Top stories will get a seal of approval “Approved by Plot Duckies”, and be included on our website.

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Event Details

Date: June 22

Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

FatPipe ABQ

200 Broadway Blvd Ne Albuquerque, NM 87102

The BioScience Center

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